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Can your existing medical product or one in development help avoid the call "Houston, we have a problem"?!?

Two and a half years ago, the Translational Research Institute for Space Health (TRISH) was established at the Baylor College of Medicine. Its purpose is to fund disruptive science and technologies that could be translated into products that protect and optimize human health and performance during long-duration, deep space exploration missions, such as the mission to Mars.

Different from most grant organizations, TRISH is focused on translational research from proof of concept through commercialization. TRISH is focused on augmenting commercially driven projects by providing funding to make a product so that it can be used in a long duration space flight - while also providing commercial benefits. Examples of ways to augment commercial products to make them consistent with space flight constraints include miniaturization, reduced power consumption, improved ease of use, reduced consumable packaging, shelf-life extension, etc.

Working closely with NASA’s Human Research Program, TRISH has already funded ground-breaking technologies designed to keep astronauts safe. Find out more about TRISH.

TRISH is now soliciting proposals for the rapid development of commercially available or soon to be viable products that address the following topics:

Multiparameter Health Assessment Through Ophthalmic Imaging

Components of an Integrated Physical Health Surveillance System

Gaming Tools For Behavioral Health And Beyond

Advanced Medical Training and Guidance System For Spaceflight

Advanced Human-Computer Interfaces

Onboard Manufacturing Of Medication Active Ingredients

Lab-Tests-To-Go ... Into Space

AI-Supported Medical Diagnostics

Novel Alternative Topics

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As a result of the government shutdown, the timeline for the review and selection of projects for this solicitation has shifted. Announcement of awarded proposals will now occur in late March 2019. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. The schedule has been updated and is reflected below:

December 17, 2018 Proposal submission site open
January 25, 2019 Deadline for full proposals
Late March, 2019 Award recipients notified

TRISH is charged with engaging and supporting a wide variety of researchers from academia, industry, and government. Hence, TRISH uses a variety of research procurement mechanisms and solicitations tailored to invite diverse problem solvers. Proposers with commercial interests should consider the open solicitation described here, TRI-IND-1901, implemented by the Consortia for Improving Medicine with Innovation & Technology (CIMIT). TRI-IND-1901 is aimed at companies at various stages of maturity, including university-based startups. Considerations for funding through TRI-IND-1901 will also take into account criteria such as commercial potential. More academic-oriented proposers may wish to consider BRASH 1901, which offers two-year awards for more high-risk, high-reward basic-science types of investigation. For more information on the BRASH program see the TRISH funding opportunities website.