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Are you ready to take your idea out of the lab and into space?

Humans are headed to Mars, and health technology needs to keep up. The Translational Research Institute for Space Health (TRISH) is looking for disruptive science and technologies that could be translated into products to protect and optimize human health and performance for deep space exploration missions.


The TRISH Launch Pad is here to prepare early-stage companies and pre-companies to meet the needs of this new frontier in health. This 10-week intensive program takes place this fall. Sessions are led by industry veterans who will help your team create a viable commercialization pathway to Earth’s health technology market, and a secondary space market.


Costs associated with the TRISH Launch Pad are waived for the companies with technologies addressing one of the nine topic areas listed below.


TRISH’s Launch Pad gives you:  

  • Access to experts working in space health and at NASA;
  • Rapid technology maturation and de-risking, which can move you closer to sales;
  • Preparation for commercial success in US healthcare markets;
  • Pathways to government sales in the emerging space market.

Launch Pad companies will finish with an articulated strategy to take their idea to market and a credible, funding-ready pitch.


Successful Launch Pad companies are invited to further accelerate their technology towards use in space by applying for additional TRISH industry funding.


Please apply by June 30, 11:59PM


Multiparameter Health Assessment Through Ophthalmic Imaging

Components of an Integrated Physical Health Surveillance System

Gaming Tools For Behavioral Health And Beyond

Advanced Medical Training and Guidance System For Spaceflight

Advanced Human-Computer Interfaces

Onboard Manufacturing Of Medication Active Ingredients

Lab-Tests-To-Go ... Into Space

AI-Supported Medical Diagnostics

Novel Alternative Topics

Apply Now Requirements

TRISH Launch Pad is a specialized program of CIMIT’s CRAASH course to accelerate healthtech innovations that aim to improve the health ​and performance of astronauts during deep space missions. Teams will benefit from the healthcare commercialization expertise of CIMIT’s mentors as well as experts from the space health sector.


The Translational Research Institute for Space Health (TRISH) is empowered by the NASA Human Research Program to solve the challenges of human deep space exploration. We find and fund disruptive, breakthrough approaches that reduce risks to human health and performance. TRISH supports both high-risk early-stage research as well as pre-seed and seed-stage health technologies that can be modified for use by astronauts on the way to Mars.

TRISH augments commercially-driven projects with funding for adaption to long-duration space exploration. Space-ready improvements can include miniaturization, reduced power consumption, improved ease of use, and more – all with the additional benefit of improving technology for terrestrial use.