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Submitting a Proposal

Instructions for submitting a proposal are outlined below in the following sections:

Proposal Website Proposals must be submitted through this web-based submission system.  Some points about the site:

  1. Applications can be saved so you can exit and return to complete more of the application until the deadline 
  2. Word limits etc. are specified for many questions and the count will be displayed as you enter text. 
  3. All fields will be validated when you click "Save and Finalize" and any errors highlighted.
  4. Collaborators can be invited to the secure site to help complete all the proposal sections by clicking "Manage Collaborators" at the top of each page
  5. Applicants are ENCOURAGED  to contact CIMIT with questions by e-mailing: CIMITGrants@partners.org.

Timeline The submission site opens Monday, December 17, 2018 and will close at 11:59PM EST on Friday, January 25, 2019. As a result of the government shutdown, the timeline for the review and selection of projects for this solicitation has shifted. Announcement of awarded proposals will now occur in late March 2019. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. 

Evaluation Criteria Submitted proposals will be reviewed based on the following criteria

  1. Fit: The alignment of the unmet need being addressed with the selected topic as well as the likelihood of the solution being fit for long duration space flight.
  2. Solution: Likelihood of being able to address the relevant unmet need(s).
  3. Scope of Work: The proposed work is aligned with making the solution compatible with long-duration space flight and consistent with the funding level being sought.
  4. Commercial Potential: Has a demonstrated high potential for commercial introduction for terrestrial application (e.g. team, regulatory pathway, customer feedback, value proposition, etc.)
  5. Resources: The team, coupled with the proposed resources (from TRISH, CIMIT, any other sources) is sufficient for the project stage and proposed work.

Proposal Sections For reference and planning, below are the 7 proposal sections and fields:

1) Applicant Information
1a) Company Name
1b) Employer Identification Number (EIN)
1c) Company website
1d) Overview of Company 
1e) Approximate number of employees
1f) Address
1g) Contact Information
1h) Acknowledgement of Requirements

2) Overview
2a) Project Name
2b) Topic Addressed (select)
2c) Abstract
2d) Key words
2e) Unmet Need
2f) Current Solutions

3) Proposed Solution
3a) Description
3b) Optional Image Upload
3c) Advantages over alternatives
3d) Cited references

4) Solution Maturity
4a) Healthcare Innovation Cycle Maturity Levels (Validation Award) or Checklist (Accelerator Award)
4b) Market Interest
4c) Business Sustainability

5) Workplan
5a) Deliverable Plan
5b) Space Flight Alignment
5c) Implementation Pathway

6) Team & Resources
6a) Resources
6b) Key Team Members

7) Budget & Justification
7a) Budget Template Upload
7b) Budget Justification
7c) Source of Matching Support